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Fitwalking For Life

Fitwalking for Life


On March 15, 2007 we will be conducting our semi-annual Fitwalking for Life class at Woburn High School, 88 Montvale Avenue, Woburn, MA. The class introduces you to the sport of Fitwalking. During the 2-1/2 hr class the subjects that will be covered are a proper walking technique and a proper walking fitness plan that includes tips on diets, stretching and how to use a pedometer.  The walking fitness plan that we will discuss can be used as a fitness plan to get in shape for future charity walks such as the Walk for Hunger (20 miles) and the Jimmy Fund Walk (27 miles).

For more information regarding this class you can call 781-937-8222.


                       "2006 Jimmy Fund Walk"


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all  "Fitwalkers" who participated in the 26.2 mile 2006 Jimmy Fund Walk. Over the past sixteen years, we have raised thousands of dollars for a worthy cause. This years walk was held on Sunday September 17, 2006. Our avergage time was 7hrs and 15 min, the average age of our team is over 60.

For more information on next years event go to





For the first time readers, FitWalker1 is a team of distance walkers from all over the United States who are committed to staying both physically and mentally fit through walking. The team came together 17 years ago and has used the FitWalker Newsletter as a distance walking and fitness training aid. Due to the overwhelming amount of requests we have received for our newsletter, we have decided to publish it on the web. The publishing format we will use will stay a simple no frill newsletter approach. Each future issue will contain a feature fitness article based on your questions and comments. If you have questions and or comments that you think would be of interest to the other team members please email us at We will use your questions and comments in our FW1 Q&A section. This months feature article will be our FitWalker1 five-step fitness program. A special thanks to all of the Fitwalkers that participated or contributed to the 2005 Jimmy Fund Walk "Walk for Hunger" that was held on September 18, 2005. I look forward to walking with you on September 17, 2006

Before starting this or any exercise program please consult your physician.


7 Keys for Training Success


1. Consult your doctor first

2. Get Started, don't procrastinate

3. Set realistic goals

4. Solicit Support

5. Check your progress along the way.

6. Eat to fuel your body.

7. See yourself at the finish line



What motivates a person to walk twenty to twenty-six miles? There are as many answers as there are walkers in any particular event. In a recent survey the top three motivating factors were:

1. Finishing the event

2. To get in shape

3. To build self-esteem


I believe the number one motivating factor is the indescribable feeling you get when you are about to cross the finish line, and hundreds of people are cheering your accomplishment


FitWalker              Feature article September 2006

This month's  feature article is on a simple five-step plan for fitness. As most of you know we have been using the term Fitwalking for a number of years. What is Fitwalking? Fitwalking is an overall term to describe simple additions and subtractions we have made to our life style in our quest for fitness. There are hundreds maybe thousands of fitness plans or ideas on the market today. What we have done to keep it simple is take five of these steps and develop a fitness strategy. The formula is as follows:

  1. Establish a walking program and stick to it. In issue I of our newsletter we gave you the tools to establish the walking portion of your exercise program. The program you establish you will use for the rest of your life.
  2. Learn to breathe. Breathing is important for walking and learning. Breathing techniques can enhance walking or even turn it into a more energizing, stress-relieving, and even spiritual experience. The breathing cycle should start in your belly. Drawing the belly out brings the diaphragm down, inflating the lungs. Next the ribcage is expanded to draw in more air. Finally the shoulders and the clavicles are drawn back to bring in the small increase in lung volume. To exhale it is the reverse. Many people keep their stomachs sucked in and tight continuously, (to look thin) thereby depriving themselves of the belly-expanding major portion of each breath. As a result, most people breathe very shallowly using only the shoulders/clavicles and the ribcage for inhalation and exhalation. While shallow "Paradoxical" breathing will keep you alive, it becomes a large detriment in situations where you need more oxygen, such as when walking at a moderate pace. Athletes of all kinds are coached to learn to breathe with their bellies to get a full inhalation and exhalation. (See Q&A section for a breathing exercise).
  3. Add one cup of green tea to your diet preferably after dinner. The reason we chose to add green tea to our fitness plan is because; unfermented green tea leaves contain larger quantities of catechins (powerful antioxidants) and vitamins than black tea. Green tea vitamin C levels are ten times higher than black tea. Other vitamins found in varying amounts in green tea are vitamin B2, D, K and the caratenoids (beta-carotene and related compounds}. Green tea also contains small amounts of a wide variety of minerals, notably manganese and selenium. Green tea contains fluoride the mineral well known for hardening tooth enamel and fighting cavities.
  4. Add a good multi-vitamin to your diet. According to most nutrition experts, the average western diet contains too much fat and too little fiber. If your diet consisted of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and for non-vegetarians nonfat dairy products and fish, you would not need a vitamin supplement. All multi-vitamins are not the same read the label see how much of the vitamin is vitamin and how much is filler. I would suggest buying a multi-vitamin from a vitamin store and comparing it with the off the shelf brand.
  5. Add an upper body exercise to your overall fitness program. After the first few months of steps 1, 2, and 3 you will notice that from you re your lower back to your feet are in shape. What about the rest of your body? We would suggest to shape strengthen and tone your upper body you use a devise such as an "Abslide". This inexpensive devise works. Following the directions this excercise should take no more than three minutes per day.



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